Hello my dear potential owner,

my name is susan and i am a

Lopsx brand acne patches.

I'm a little shy but i know

that it is a precious opportunity for me

Meet you here. I think the time is perfect

to recommend me to you.



I know pimples are annoyingly unpredictable.

Pimples can be unexpected the day before your date

occur or at a time

where you have to do with many people,

be uninvited. And this will have a huge impact

on your charisma and your everyday mood.

When I see that, I am very sad. Fortunately, I am here for you.



Even though I'm small, I have a lot of energy

to restore your confidence and shine.

I'm very thin, you won't even feel me

so you can't have a load

I'm translucent so don't worry

that I'll be pretty obvious on your face.

I have a friend too. Its size can help

to fight worse acne. Wait,

it should be Cindy’s turn!



Hmmm I have to say Susan looks shy

but is actually a naughty girl.

Hi guys, my name is Cindy. I am an acne cream under the brand

Lopsx and I am Susan's good friend.

I'm relatively straightforward and like to keep things short.

I think it's normal to have acne and pimples

but I don't think it's an unsolvable problem.

The key is you need to find a product

that suits you. And I think I'm well suited

to help you manage acne.



In my case, you don't have to be your age first

and take into account your skin quality.

Even if you have oily skin,

you don't have to worry about that.

Not only do I have anti-acne effects,

but also special natural avocado oil,

which can help keep the skin supple and smooth.

My texture is refreshing and not greasy and can

be quickly absorbed by the skin.

I can confidently say that I am your great one

Will be a helper in the fight against acne.



Yes we deal with acne every day

so we are both proud to tell you

that we will bring you unexpected surprises,

no matter who you are. Thanks very much.

Wait! Time to fight hateful pimples!

We'll see each other soon!



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